Photo: Couloir

Asesoramiento Médico Siglo XXI

The company was set up at the beginning  of the XXI century and its main line of  business is to process and deal with claims made by insurance company policy  holders, whether it be car, individual, joint, or third-party insurance policies, etc.

Over the years the company has established itself as a national reference for major  insurance companies and medical assessment offices and has consolidated and  positioned itself as market leader in processing and dealing with claims (medical specialists, diagnosis tests, rehabilitation, surgery, emergencies, etc...).

Thanks to our widespread network of officially approved centres that are equipped with the latest technology, insurance policy holders and patients are guaranteed a fast,  accurate diagnosis and personalised medical treatment.

Our network is currently made up of more than 2,500 medical, care, and rehabilitation centres, spread out all over the country, which means we can provide patients with local, on hand, medical assistance so that they don't have to travel far from home or the work place.